ezFolk.com’s ‘ultimate’ ukulele strumming tutorial | Beginner Ukulele

ezFolk.com offers a great strumming tutorial for absolute beginners! The tutorial features very clear examples AND ‘midi files’ in three speeds: very slow, slow and normal. The Website tells the player to use the tutorial this way:

Try the different patterns with different songs and see how they sound. You can decide which patterns work best for you, and it’s up to you to decide which fit in the best with certain songs. After a while you’ll be strumming away, not really thinking about playing a particular pattern but just letting your fingers play what feels right at the time.’

Check out ezFolk.com’s great strumming tutorial! http://www.ezfolk.com

The Value of a Metronome | Beginner Ukulele

I’ve played guitar for many years but still the biggest problem I have is keeping an even rhythm. A metronome is the perfect practice tool. It helps you keep the rhythm steady but it also allows you to start practicing a song at a slower pace and gradually increase the tempo. MetronomeOnline.com provides a wonderful metronome. To quote the site:

MetronomeOnline provides ‘an online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music, this music tool helps with your rhythm as well as tempo selections and it is always available for free to all students of music at metronomeonline.com

Flash Cards from PlayUke.net help in Playing By Ear

I ordered the flash cards on this Website and they have really helped me in learning to play by ear.

Uke in a Flash

Only $6.00 (including postage) and you get laminated cards with all of the keys (one key each side).

Most all songs in the world can be played using only the chords across the top (Primary Major Chords and Primary Minor Chords).

I look at a song and note what chords are there and verify that they are the same as the top of the card. I then try to play the song (familiar tunes) looking only at the card. It is getting much easier to play by ear.

Check out all of the great resources at PlayUke.net

Jim D’Ville’s ‘Play Ukulele By Ear: Best of 3 Questions’ with Jim Beloff

Jim D’Ville asked Jim Beloff three questions two of which were of particular interest to me:

-…Do you have any suggestions on learning tunes from songbooks and then committing them to memory?

-Do you have any suggestions on how to move from chord to chord more easily?

There were excellent answers to both. Check out the interview…

Play Ukulele By Ear: Best of 3 Questions: Jim Beloff

‘The Mighty Uke’: A Musical Underdog Makes A Comeback : NPR

'The Mighty Uke': A Musical Underdog Makes A Comeback : NPR
Here is an excerpt from the article:

“I was blown away by the little instrument’s power to bring people together.”

Now there are uke clubs everywhere, Coleman says, and you often see many generations playing together, young and old.

Tony Coleman says he hopes his documentary will help ensure the lasting quality of this big-hearted little instrument, with its ability to create communities of happy music-makers.”

Julia Nunes: anything sounds peppier with a ukulele | Rock | NUVO Newsweekly | Indianapolis, IN

I agree, Julia! Here is a nice article from Nuvo.net on how Ms. Nunes got started with the ukulele…

Julia Nunes “added the instrument (ukulele) to her arsenal by accident. While waiting on a friend to pick out a guitar at a music store, she spotted a small plastic ukulele, which, in retrospect, Nunes now believes wasn’t even for sale. But she picked it up, and songs were flowing out of her before she even left.”

“The timing was perfect. Nunes discovered the ukulele just before she was to leave for summer camp, where she hesitated to bring her guitar for fear it might get damaged by rowdy campers.”

“Since that summer, it’s just been a really great thing to play when I don’t feel like lugging around a big guitar,” Nunes said. “I can take a ukulele anywhere. Even if I write a song on guitar, I can transpose it. I play them both equally.”

“That’s not the only reason she likes the oft-underestimated instrument.

“It has a certain attitude, especially when I’m playing it,” she said. “I play it sometimes ironically. Then sometimes I embrace the plucky, upbeat, cheerful nature of it. It’s easy to apply it to lots of different moods because in some songs it highlights how so much passion and fervor can come out of a young girl like myself or a small instrument like the ukulele.”

Julia Nunes: anything sounds peppier with a ukulele | Rock | NUVO Newsweekly | Indianapolis, IN

CBS News gets up close and personal with Warren Buffett, parent : BusinessJournalism.org Reynolds Center for Business Journalism

I don’t know why but I just love to see even the briefest film segments or even photos of Warren Buffett playing the Ukulele. I guess it is confirmation that if it is good enough for this billionaire it is good enough for me. : ) Seriously, I am impressed with the wholesome approach to money that he seems to have with his children. And his love of music through the ukulele has obviously made an impression on his son Peter. His ukulele playing IS brief on the clip at the beginning and they’re briefly shown playing a duet at 5:38. Enjoy this fascinating interview.

CBS News gets up close and personal with Warren Buffett, parent : BusinessJournalism.org Reynolds Center for Business Journalism