Loving seeing the new products introduced at NAMM!

NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) is currently meeting in Anaheim, California. It ends on Sunday, January 19th.

Lots of musical instrument manufacturers and publishers are introducing new products. Among them are these great looking ukuleles from KALA…

Photo Source: Kala’s facebook page

“Announcing the new Surf Collection by Kala! These original designs were made in house by the Kala design team and they look totally awesome! 🏄”

“The Surf Uke will be starting at $79.99 and will be available in early March!”

A warning about Outdoor Ukuleles & Low G Strings

Carbon Tenor Outdoor Ukulele
Photo: OutdoorUkulele.com

I love my Carbon Tenor Outdoor Ukulele and have loved having a wound low G string on it. The instrument and the strings combination have been wonderful and SO ENJOYABLE. I am, however, beginning to have problems. I noticed wear on the frets under the G string. After investigation I discovered in the Outdoor Ukulele warranty this statement:

“Our composite polycarbonate ukuleles are not designed to be used with wound strings; if used, they are not covered by warranty. Strings with fillers, such as copper powder may also wear the frets over time. “

For the whole Outdoor Ukulele warranty, click here.

When I discovered the wear and found the warranty information, I bought a unwound low G. I am having intonation problems with it. It becomes much worse if I try to capo at any fret. It may be that particular unwound string so I am going to try another unwound low G string.

If the second one doesn’t work, I will try a high G string. I don’t want a high G, but if it will save the instrument that is what I will do.



UPDATE: I put on a UNWOUND Low G and tried it but didn’t like it all. It was too loose or floppy and I couldn’t correct the intonation. I went back to a WOUND Low G. If it damages it, I’ll buy another one. So far, so good though.