Who’s Playing?

Got A Ukulele.com has an extensive list of famous persons who play the ukulele.http://www.gotaukulele.com/p/famous-ukulele-players.html

Here are a few of them that stand out to me or that I’d like to comment on…(each is followed by a Google Search)

Warren Buffett, the billionaire is a uke enthusiast – http://bit.ly/vZ9utm  or 

You Won’t Believe Some of the Weird and Unique Hobbies These Billionaires Love

Eddie Vedder, of Pearl Jam, released an album called ‘Ukulele Songs’ last summer – http://bit.ly/ssITTv

Jason Mraz – don’t you just love his music! – http://bit.ly/veAWkd

George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney – the Beatles love(d) the ukulele AND there are so many great Beatle resources online and in print – http://bit.ly/uAaGtZ

Arthur Godfrey popularized the Ukulele in the ’50s – http://bit.ly/rKZVi8

Jake Shimabukuro was key in the recent popularity of the Ukulele – http://bit.ly/w2JID0

Bill Tapia – probably the oldest ukulele player and professional musician died at the age of 104 on December 2nd, 2011 – http://bit.ly/tcZycM

Shouldn’t YOU be the NEXT ukulele player?

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