A Spotify Playlist & Index to ‘The Daily Ukulele’ YELLOW

Ukulele players, especially those in ukulele groups, everywhere have used ‘The Daily Ukulele’ book – both YELLOW and the BLUE sequel. We excitedly anticipate the third PURPLE edition. (Commissions Earned)

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone shared a SPOTIFY Playlist of all the songs in the ‘Daily Ukulele Yellow Book’- https://spoti.fi/3s0XBw5


Years ago I created an Index to the same book that lists keys of each song PLUS:

  • # of Chords
  • Meter
  • Copyright Decade
  • Genre
  • and sometimes a Secondary Genre

The index – https://bit.ly/3Fpt7Hh

Love the ‘Strum Together’ books from Hal Leonard!

Have you seen the series of ukulele books from Hal Leonard called, ‘Strum Together’?
The ‘Together’ part is cool – each song has the chords for the following:

  • Standard Ukulele
  • Baritone Ukulele
  • Guitar
  • Mandolin
  • Banjo

They are intended for casual jams with friends who play other instruments. Since the purpose of them is to allow people with different instruments who may not have played together the arrangements are not difficult.

They are also great for ukulele classes since they give both the standard ukulele chords and the baritone chords.

The music is on the right side page and the chords are on the left side

I have three of them:

There are a few duplicates among the three books…

  • some are in a different key, 
  • some are in the same key in both books
  • a few are in the same key but one has more advanced forms of the chords, 
  • some have different layouts [order of verses, chorus, coda, etc.], some are in 

I have these marked on and in my books if you’d like to see them.

There are three others…

The series can be found here. The names of the songs in each book are listed there. 

I know that a couple of them was arranged by Mark Phillips but I don’t know about the others.  

Below is an example of the chords page…

The song is on the right side with the chord names, the melody and the lyrics.