I love this cover of ‘Addicted To Love’!

“Raymond Penfield was the father of a London Caberet artist, Holly Penfield and often sang often as part of her act when she was in London or Rome. He passed away at the age of 98. He lived in a small California community and sang locally as often as he could. He also had tried out for America’s Got Talent, and was known for his continuing effort to write and create songs with his son-in-law and daughter’ https://youtu.be/O2GTHFeN4LM

Ukulaliens has a new partner channel – Ukulele Wales!

This semester I started a ukulele club at the high school that I work at. We have a variety of skill levels so we project YouTube ukulele playalongs. Ukulaliens has become a favorite source of them. I was pleased to see the creation of ‘Ukulele Wales’ which offers a variety of resources including tutorials for their Ukulaliens songs. Nice!

Here is the introductory video for Ukulele Wales…