Getting Started Playing Ukulele with Kala

Kala Ukuleles

Kala Brand Music Co. offers a great line of ukuleles for every age and skill level from the Makala models which feature bright colors and either a dolphin or shark shaped bridge to the Kala Elite USA which are handmade in AMERICA ukes.

Did you know that they offer tools for getting started playing the ukulele via their Website and their APPS. Click here to get started – enter your email to register for ‘Learn to Play‘ resources.

Resources include:

  • Parts of the Ukulele
  • Videos on tuning, holding and playing the ukulele
  • and Videos on playing chords, playing styles/techniques, and learning songs

While you are there check out there APPS,


Whether in the studio or on the go, quickly tune your favorite Kala instrument with the free Kala Chromatic Tuner app!


Learn to play your favorite songs with the karaoke-style app, Ukeoke! Easy chords, lyrics and more for over 1500+ hit songs! – Chords, Scales, Arpeggios, Tuner & Chord Namer is a great online (Desktop OR Mobile) source for ukulele chords, ukulele scales, arpeggios, an ukulele tuner & a chord namer.

  • Chords – Look up chords by letters including sharps. If you are looking for a flat use the previous letter sharp – for example, B flat would be A sharp. E flat would be D sharp.
    • Alternate Chords – click on the ‘< # / # >’ on the headstock to look for alternative chords that may be easier to play for you or might add fuller sound.
  • Scales
  • Arpeggios
  • Chord Namer – click on the fretboard the chord you are exploring and the namer will tell you what chord it is.