Blank Sheets (Chord Charts and Tab) | Live ‘Ukulele

There are so many valuable resources available on Websites! One Website that I’ve really begun to appreciate is The Webmaster is doing a great job arranging the valuable information found there in a way that is user friendly. Be sure to both read the Blog entries to see what is new and hover over the tabs to see the other content.

One thing I discovered (via the Blog) was the ‘Blank Sheets’.
Blank Sheets (Chord Charts and Tab) | Live ‘Ukulele: “Blank Chord Chart (8 wide). It currently provides:

-Blank Chord Chart (12 wide – landscape)

-Blank Tab Sheet (for tabbing out your own songs)

-Fretboard Chart (circle all the notes of a chord and look for new shapes)

-Blank Fretboard Chart (write out scales of chords across the fretboard)

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