A Spotify Playlist & Index to ‘The Daily Ukulele’ YELLOW

Ukulele players, especially those in ukulele groups, everywhere have used ‘The Daily Ukulele’ book – both YELLOW and the BLUE sequel. We excitedly anticipate the third PURPLE edition. (Commissions Earned)

I can’t remember where I saw it but someone shared a SPOTIFY Playlist of all the songs in the ‘Daily Ukulele Yellow Book’- https://spoti.fi/3s0XBw5


Years ago I created an Index to the same book that lists keys of each song PLUS:

  • # of Chords
  • Meter
  • Copyright Decade
  • Genre
  • and sometimes a Secondary Genre

The index – https://bit.ly/3Fpt7Hh

‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran for Ukulele – fingerpicking AND strumming

I love this song – the melody is just beautiful.
I wanted to play it on the ukulele and started searching for good arrangements.
Ran across this tutorial video and love it – a little fingerpicking and a little strumming – neither too hard.
The hard part is that you need a capo on the 1st fret – they cost about $15 for a good one.

The video – https://youtu.be/s8b2xKBj-ao

The printed music/notes for the video are in the comments or here – https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62zBAbDVZxXeWJxNkdDbVdiUUU/view

Play by ear? No? Check out ‘The Toneway Project’

The Toneway Project has been around many years but I’ve just learned about it.  I’m quite interested because I am addicted to music books and don’t try hard enough to play by ear.  I know very few of the songs but I’m learning to play a little better by ear.

Ex: recently I considered buying a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ Makala Waterman and then it occurred to me if it was dark then I couldn’t see my music and couldn’t play any songs. Sad!

You can learn to ‘jam’ by ear. I CAN learn to ‘jam’ by ear.  NO songbooks or songsheets. Let’s do it!

 Going to a bluegrass jam group introduced me to ‘The ToneWay Project’. They offer some great products BUT you don’t need to buy a thing to benefit as their Website offers a lot!
 – Ukulele lesson videos (first one is about 30 min. others are 9-15 minutes or so) – http://toneway.com/learn/ukulele-lessons
 – Sound clips of many songs that are featured in their books- http://toneway.com/songs
AND much, much more.
A couple of the leaders in the jam have a book from ‘The ToneWay Project’ called ‘Family Tradition Songbook’. It has 371 songs with words but no chord charts or letters (only numbers like 1, 4 and 5). It is only $.7.95.

There are even a special method book and a songbook for the ukulele.

 BUT the point is you don’t even need books.
I’ll close this post with their motto:
“Many think you must get good to play with others. We say it’s better to play with others to get good.” Source: Toneway.com

Find Chords for a YouTube Song via Chordify

If you see a song on YouTube that you like and want the chords, you can go to Chordify and paste the URL. It will show you the chord letters with the number of beats for each (Don’t remember them? You can click on ‘chords’ for a refresher view of

It will show you the chord letters with the number of beats for each (Don’t remember them? You can click on ‘chords’ for a refresher view of them.

Here is a beautiful Christmas song example *.

(* since I don’t have copyright priveleges I’m not revealing the name of the song. Sorry.)

Don’t worry if you don’t get each chord, just keep the melody going and most of all, have fun and enjoy the song!

This is the way a song will look. Click the ‘Play’ button to start the song and you’re off!

Chordify.net shows chords of a YouTube, etc. song
Chordify.net shows chords of a YouTube, etc. song