Jim D’Ville explains the Magical Circle of Fifths

Jim D’Ville is a master ukulele teacher.  Check out his great Website – http://www.playukulelebyear.com/

The Circle of Fifths is a not an easy concept but will help your playing tremendously if you grasp it or at least part of it.   Here are some notes I made while watching.  Hopefully, they will help you pick it up.

Take your time.  Watch it as many times as you can.

All the examples are in the key of C (beginning on the letter ‘C’).  You could do the same beginning on any letter.   If you were in the key of D you’d use the following line as ‘D=1, E=2, F=3, etc.)

C  D  E    F   G  A  B    C
1   2   3    4   5   6   7     8
i  ii iii  iv  V  vi vii  viii (usually written this way)

C > G = a fifth (five steps/letters)
G > D = a fifth
D > A = a fifth

Home – C
5th up – G
Dominant 7th – G7 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dominant_seventh_chord
Home – C

The above chords are…
1 – v7 – 1  or
i – V7 – i

D    G7  c
ii7  V7  i

Hawiaan Turnaround ii7 V7 i

C A7  D7  G7 C
i vi7 ii7 V7 i (Alice’s restaurant)

C  E7   A7  D7  G7 C
i  iii7 vi7 ii7 V7 i (Five Foot Two)

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