NEW GoogleLabs Feature Offers Glimpse into Ukulele’s History through Books

A Google Ngram Viewer search for ‘Ukulele’ shows the growth of books with the word ‘Ukulele’ in them started steadily up around 1910 and dipping in the 1960s – 1980s and another upward trend beginning around 1990.  A look at the ‘Search in Google Books:’ links below the graph offer other interesting glimpses into books related to Ukuleles in different periods of time:

  • 1800-1924 Surprise!  the Ukulele was a popular topic in ‘Popular Mechanics’!   I never knew!
  • 1925-1930
  • 1931-1955
  • 1956-2001
  • 2002-2008

Why 1800-2008?   Because there was little to no activity when I did 1700-1800 and the Website will not accept 2009 or 2010.


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