Playing the Ukulele is EASY but NOT INSTANT

I would assume that you’ve seen the Staple’s ‘EASY’ Button commercials where hitting the button takes care of all your office or home problems quickly and easily.

Learning to play the ukulele is easy, too, BUT not THAT easy!

NOTHING worth doing is THAT easy.

I had to laugh when I read an add for a very slightly used ukulele on Craigslist. The listing said,

“I bought it a year ago, but played it maybe 5 minutes. It is as perfect as the day I bought it from guitar center for $280. Comes with the origional case. It looks and sounds beautiful, I just couldn’t get into the instrument.’

It was all I could do to keep from writing the dear soul and to encourage him/her not to give up and to give it a little time.

Perhaps he/she has with ANOTHER instrument.

It is so much easier to get a decent sound out of a ukulele than most instruments including the guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, piano, harmonica and even the recorder.

BUT it ISN’T instant – give it time! Practice a little, get with a friend and try things out, watch a YouTube tutorial.  BUT don’t give up after 5 minutes OR even 5 hours or months!  Hang in there!

You’ll be glad you did!

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