The Ideal Vehicle for Music Literacy

Ukulele Player Magazine featured an article, Byron Yasui: The Learned Ukulelist, about a professor emeritus of music composition and theory at the Univ. of Hawaii at Mahoa. In 1964 he wrote an undergraduate paper pointing out the ‘value of using the ukulele to teach music, reading, ear training and ukulele playing, not just for music majors, but for everyone in the community.’ Today he says, ‘I still feel the same; even more so. The ukulele is relatively inexpensive, easy to learn to play, and very portable. As one of my retirement projects I plan to write a textbook that would be useful for such a class. Music literacy for all is my mission in life, and the ukulele is an ideal vehicle to attain this goal.’ Mr. Yasui, we look forward to seeing your textbook. P.S. if you are looking for a ‘curriculum’ for teaching or learning the ukulele check out James Hill and J. Chalmer’s Doane’s Ukulele in the Classroom. Other Ukulele Method Books are listed here on

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