The Ukulele: the ‘unlikely instrument’ that many are discovering

Earlier ‘The Chicago Tribune’ published an article about Julia Nunes, a ‘college junior majoring in music’.   The article, ‘Julia Nunes’ unlikely fame, unlikely instrument: ukulele-strumming singer makes the downcast sound upbeat‘, appears to have changed locations but said that:
‘Her YouTube channel, jaaaaaaa, has more than 142,000 subscribers, and many of her videos have more than 1 million views. She’s opened for Ben Folds and gotten a shout-out from Molly Ringwald(?!). Nunes can rock the house with a ukulele and a beat box.
And other questions besides “What the heck?” come to mind about the college junior majoring in music who has surfed YouTube to unlikely fame with the unlikeliest of instruments.’
The article quotes Sarah Dandelles of Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago:
‘In the last year at the Old Town School, we have more than doubled the amount of ukulele classes that we offer,” says Sarah Dandelles, a program manager at the North Side institution. “And that’s just for adults, not kids. We had ukulele as one of the key instruments in our summer camp last year, and it went gangbusters.’
Indeed!  Looking at the Old Town School Website I found the following classes being offered related to Ukuleles:

6 String Social Workshop
Fandango Jarocho
Fiddle Waltzes
Golden Age of American Song Workshop
Jumpin’ Jim Beloff Ukulele Workshop Workshop
Power Strum/Power Pick
The 7:00 Special
The 8:30 Special
The Performing Art Workshop
Ukulele 1
Ukulele 2
Ukulele 2 Rep
Ukulele 2: Songs of Good Cheer
Ukulele Ensemble

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