Is The Ukulele An Unusual Instrument?

Yes, if you take the word of the Disney Channel.   Which you certainly would, wouldn’t you?  :  )

Reuters published an article entitled, ‘Disney preps next high school musical‘.    The article says:

The network has ordered an original movie based on the novel “Lemonade Mouth,” the story of five Rhode Island freshmen who meet in detention and decide to form a garage band using unusual instruments, including a ukulele.’

I Googled ‘define: unusual’ to see if the ukulele qualified as usual.   (My comments are in parenthesis.)

  • not usual or common or ordinary;
    • “a scene of unusual beauty” (a Uke or its music can be of unusual beauty) ;
    • “a man of unusual ability” (this depends on the player -if it is me, then ‘no’);
    • “cruel and unusual punishment” (Tiny Tim WAS guilty of this);
    • “an unusual meteorite”(I don’t see any relation to this example)
  • strange: being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected;
    • slightly odd or even a bit weird (the Uke is probably not as weird as the player);
    • “a strange exaltation that was indefinable” (huh?);
    • “a strange fantastical mind” (does this refer to ‘UAS’ or Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome);
    • “what a strange sense of humor she has”(this could apply to many female ukists I’m sure)
  • not commonly encountered;
    • “two-career families are no longer unusual” (neither are two uke-families or even two-ukist families)
  • Unlike what is expected;
    • differing in some way from the norm (that’s a good thing, right?   the Uke has a nice bright and cheerful sound)
  • unusually – to a remarkable degree or extent; “she was unusually tall” – yes, the uke IS  ‘unusually short’

SO after examing the evidence I would agree that the Ukulele IS an unusual instrument, an unusually GOOD instrument.  It is unusually portable, unusually easy to learn to play at a basic level, unusually beautiful when played by a master ukist, there are many unusually beautifully made ukuleles, etc.

The name of the new musical is ‘Lemonade Mouth’.   THAT is an UNUSUAL name!

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